We’re so fortunate to be able to live and work in this beautiful province and we love our city and we’re proud of the associations we belong to, the company we keep and the relationships we’ve fostered.

It’s really important to us to support causes we believe in and where we can, we make every effort to lift people up.

To that end, Formwest is proud to contribute to the following charities and causes on a continual basis.

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Based on personal experiences with health issues with children in the Formwest family, we have seen the remarkable heroism that the incredible staff at BC Children’s Hospital bring to bear on a daily basis. We are so proud to contribute to this great cause, have done so for years and will always do so.

Wounded Warriors Canada and the BC / Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Based on personal experiences with family in the Canadian Forces who represented Canada in our missions overseas, we have seen tremendous bravery and pain first hand. We cannot possibly heal all wounds but we can do our best to contribute to those who can. For this reason, we are so proud to regularly donate to these tremendous causes to support our brave Canadian Veterans.

Goodly Foods

Goodly Foods is a social enterprise that makes delicious soups, stews and sauces by re-purposing surplus produce and creating unique community employment opportunities. They work closely in partnership with other local businesses such as Commissary Connect and Hope Action Values Ethics (HAVE) Culinary Training Society.

All of Goodly™ branded soups are available for purchase to buying partners in both retail and grocery outlets as well as to institutions and food service providers. A portion of every batch of soup made continues to be donated to local charities and food banks across Metro Vancouver.

Formwest is proud to have supported Goodly recently by providing space to them in their mission to serve almost 20,000 meals to residents of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side during the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down. We will continue to support this great cause!