GardenWorks North Vancouver

In Progress

Formwest Contractors has been retained by Gardenworks Canada to oversee the build of their new flagship store in North Vancouver. 

We look forward to delivering on this modern, smart design by O4Architecture. 

We are thrilled to help our community and sustainably minded client launch at this awesome new location! 

High Water Table – Building Restoration

Completed: 03/01/2021

The Formwest team was engaged for significant investigation and deconstruction work and then pre-construction and rebuild services. We acted as Owner’s Representative and General Contractor for this four unit building restoration in West Vancouver’s Ambleside neighbourhood.

We assembled the Registered Professionals team to design solutions and develop an environmental control and stormwater management plan. The building received significant geo-technical and hydro-technical upgrades with a revised stormwater management system. We delivered a complete rebuild and retrofitting of the interiors to accommodate 3 retail spaces and 1 restaurant while upgrading the building to comply with BC Building Codes. The project included new HVAC, electrical, gas, storm, sanitary and seismic upgrades. The parking lot was raised to accommodate new utility and geo-textile requirements, a retaining wall was constructed and new asphalt was placed.

Revolution Medical Clinic

Completed: 01/08/2020

The Formwest team was engaged for pre-construction services and we assembled the Registered Professionals team and acquired the necessary Building Permit. We were then engaged as General Contractor for this medical clinic in the Kerrisdale neighbourhood. The project scope included a renovation of the clinic to allow for an open concept work environment. This included a new patient waiting area, new reception, lighting and HVAC upgrades and the build of partition walls and ceilings to create additional office space.

Our team ensured we met the aggressive timeline. The project was completed in just three weeks, causing minimal delays.

Kerrisdale Building Restoration

Completed: 07/01/2020

The Formwest team was engaged for preconstruction services including site assessment, development of the scope of work, assembling the project team and coordination of building and development permit applications. We were then engaged as General Contractor and we assembled the Registered Professionals team.

The project consisted of upgrades to the HVAC, electrical, plumbing systems. We also renewed building envelope from the new parapet wall, up and over the rooftop and undertook structural and seismic upgrades. The parapet wall that was deemed a public safety concern was deconstructed, rebuilt and integrated with the existing 100 year old structure. The entire project was completed while the tenant remained in operation with only two days of closure over a several months long schedule.

Relic Entertainment Tenant Improvement

Completed and Ongoing

The Formwest team is actively engaged as a General Contractor and as Construction Manager to provide a variety of services. We have been engaged to plan and obtain building permits, modify spaces, renovate sound and recording studios, provide special installations and perform general upgrades on an “as needed” basis.

Domus Strata Upgrades

Completed: 01/04/2019

The Formwest team was engaged by the strata as General Contractor to renovate and upgrade the common area and private accommodations of the building. The project included renovation to the amenities areas with modifications and improvements to existing millwork as well as common suite remodelling.

All work was completed without the prolonged restriction to common areas. Our team worked around the building occupants and ensured strata satisfaction.

Edgemont RBC Water Supply Upgrade

Completed: 01/02/2020

We were engaged as General Contractor to assess current systems, assemble the project team and we worked with the municipality and to strict bank protocols.

The project scope included demolition and recycling of concrete, asphalt and interior floor structure to access and upgrade the water supply system. We then placed and finished all surfaces to match existing.

All work was done without the closure of the bank while ensuring all security risks were mitigated.

WithinUs Natural Health Canada Headquarters

WithinUs Natural Health Canada asked us to assist with the preparation of their new head offices in Burnaby, BC.

We were more than happy to help out!

The project was a delight to do, working with such a great team of people to get what they needed accomplished on time and on budget.

We look forward to being a valuable resource for this growing local success story for many years to come!